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30 Wonders

Collaborator, Explorer, Facilitator, Landscape Architect

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As part of Living Copenhagen I curated and produced daily interventions and activities during the month of April 2012 with the aim to activate and raise awareness of existing open spaces within the neighbourhood of Skt Kjelds / Ydre Østerbro encouraging users to engage and see their environment in new ways. Some lasted from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. The intention of these activities was to give the existing and underused open spaces new meaning through change and awareness and also to open up a discussion regarding beauty. These activities may have startled people, challenged them to re-think, to overcome habitual attitudes, to try something new or even created a sense of wonder.

A documentation of this project can be downloaded here: 30 Wonders

Photos by Marion Preez, Nicole Garneau, Bailey Ferguson, Michael Poetschko