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A culture center for one day

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For the event ‘A culturecenter for a day’ in the Skt. Kjelds Kvarter in Copenhagen I got invited to create art works for the entrance area.
As the local council is proposing a new culture center within their local area this event was exploring what kind of activities could take place there. For the entrance area I developed ideas based on the themes ‘Change’, ‘Surprise’ and ‘Memory’ which we encounter in our daily life. Stencils with questions based on these themes could be found on the pavement within the neighbourhood. On the paths towards the proposed culture center a big cake greeted visitors and once entered hundreds of bubbles surrounded them. At my last station visitors were asked to make paper flowers while thinking of important events or happenings in their life.
Part of the event was also a parade led by a marching band through the neighbourhood which ended by walking through my cake.