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I feel like I’m changing from one day to another

Ex-girlfriend, Explorer, Facilitator

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In June 2005 I cut off my shoulder-length hair, leaving only a few millimeters. This was an outward expression of the inner changes I was going through. I then wanted to share those positive changes and encourage others to reflect upon themselves. I used my hair as a sign of my changes and integrated it into articles of clothing, accessories and jewellery. These items were lent to family members, friends and people I encountered during everyday life. These artworks are also a vehicle for removing what I do from the gallery space. I wanted to spread my art to various places in the world, the participants turning into my gallery, reaching a different audience.
This book is a documentation of all of the ‘hairpieces’ worn by myself and the responses of the project’s 40 participants. It is published in German, English and Danish, as I use these languages to communicate with the people in my life.

You can buy the book here.