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Cup, bowl, spoon

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Beginning of July I was invited to attend ‘All You Need’ by NADFLY. It was a dinner party event with 17 other women where our dinner came with a unique, handmade set of cup, bowl and spoon by Nicola. We each could choose our own set and I tried to find one which would be big enough for my breakfast coffee and porridge. We all took our chosen set home ‘with the only hope that it becomes their main eating objects as they eat alongside their family members, lovers, friends and housemates.’ (NADLFY)

Well, I actually prefer to only use it once my family have left the house and I’m by myself ready to start my working day. Nicola also asked us to document in some way or the other the use of our cup, bowl and spoon. Having neglected my drawing practice for a while I decided to use one big piece of paper as a drawing diary. I will be reflecting the ceramic pieces through drawing but also use it as a pause or meditation within the day.