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Lupa Capitolina

Nonconformist, Participant, Wife & Mother

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Photographs for Jaimie Henthorn & Faith La Rocque, exhibited in Minokamo, Japan, 2011
photographs by Alan Gordon

Lupa Capitolina is a suite of images by Jaimie Henthorn, Faith La Rocque and Marion Preez; the latest manifestation in a series of multidisciplinary works based on the character of the “she-wolf”.
Drawing on the Roman foundation-myth, this artwork was created specifically for the annual Minokamo Woodland Gallery, an outdoor exhibition in the Minokamo Culture Forest, Japan.
Lending historical weight to an image with multiple contemporary cues creates a point of tension, legitimizing a scene that could otherwise be bizarre or even disturbing. In opposition to the sexualized she-wolves of popular culture, Lupa Capitolina represents a legendary moment of Nature; highlighting the instinct of the mother of a civilization.