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mono, Glasgow, 2011
Can we celebrate the random, the second hand, the recycled and not buy prefab items from IKEA? How hard is it to create without making or buying new products? What does an alternative design and lifestyle look like today?
Nicola Atkinson/NADFLY and Marion Preez have tuned into the Mono’s furniture, the stage, the bar and the toilets, attaching hidden ‘imagined’ thoughts and sayings, thus finding a new connecting voice (perhaps to find answers). This is the place in Glasgow to eat vegan food and drink, buy or listen to music, be online and meet or make friends. It has a feel of the familiar such as you might find in Gothenburg or Los Angeles. A safe environment where you can come and go, being free to be yourself. It’s interior is made up of second hand or hand crafted individual items, recycled chairs, tables, sofas, various accessories, a stage, a bar and a record shop. A great place with various uses and activities that seem to overlap at random with ease.
Nicola and Marion designed elements to unify visually through colour, form, expression and with references to current debates. The collaboration addresses their continued interest in the public place, site specific interventions and engagement. Nicola’s flaska saker were made in Lidköping, Sweden, to suit one hands easily. In the language of ceramics there is either a demand for function or to be an object on a shelf – these might be both. Within the interior, Marion’s intimate button-garters quietly dress the table legs and chair
backs. The buttons found a lifetime of use previously and return now as an intimate and occasional item.

PDF of translation book can be downloaded here.