Marion Preez

I’m an artist and landscape architect originally from Germany. Both professions developed separately through the exploration of different countries, cultures, way of livings and exposures to different design and art practices. Today both professions coexist intertwined within my co-founded landscape architect practice ‘UrbanPioneers l Stadtpioniere’ and my art label ‘Myself for You’.
In my practice, art and landscape architecture, I continue exploring. I’m looking for the true self; the heart, may it be a place, a person or a space. I’m introducing notions through designs and artworks to discover new ideas and emotions within one’s self and one’s surroundings. I’m not interested in merely designing aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces but creating stimulations that encourage explorations of space, the wider surroundings, one’s self, as well as others: a livable content space.
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